Camping Equipment Suppliers

From SuperTroop 197

Stores located in and around Atlanta:

On-Line Stores:

Alps Mountaineering offers a 45% discount for Scouts. A family friend runs a large Troop and they brought all their gear from them. To get their discount, you need to sign-up at I understand they have great holiday sales, if you can wait for them. Other suggestions and recommendations with regards to gear:

Sleeping Bags

A 20-degree bag for winter camping and 40 degree bag for spring/summer camping were recommended. If you can get them with a compression sack, they will be easier to carry in a backpack.


Kids can generally do well with the foam egg-crate pad, but a better pad would be the self-inflating type. The self-inflating was definitely recommended for adults.


Make sure they they offer good support and are adjustable as the scout grows. Rain covers, hydration packs, and easy to access pockets for things such as flashlights were also recommended.


The patrols will arrange all the food and tenting arrangements for Troop campouts. The only recommendation I have concerning tents is to make certain your boy knows how to put it together and break it down before he uses it on a campout.. The Tents, pallets and cots will already be set-up for each of the summer camps (Woodruff and Rainey). Due to COVID-19, everyone is tenting separately.