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Adult Leadership

Committee Chairman Mr. John Campbell
Venture Committee Chairman Mr. Rudy Tarrer
Treasurer Mr. Perry Flinn
Training Coordinator Dr. Steve Walton, Dr. Brian Williams
Advancement Coordinator Mr. Perry Flinn
Boards of Review Mr. John Campbell
Summer Camp Coordinator Cheryl Kochensparger
High Adventure Planning (open)
Communications Dr. Bobby Krupczak
Transportation / Logistics Mr. Greg Hagood, Judy Zhou
Website Development & Maintenance

Dr. Bobby Krupczak

Publicity (open)
Hospitality May Yu
Westminster Liaison Jennifer Rosenblath
Chartered Org Representative Ms. Kelley Day

Uniformed Leaders

Scoutmaster Dr. Bobby Krupczak
Assistant Scoutmasters / Rank Advisors
Crossover to Scout JASMs
Scout to Tenderfoot Mr. Nathan Ottinger, Ms. Cheryl Kochensparger
Tenderfoot to 2nd Class Mr. Vincent Young, Dr. Brian Williams, Dr. Shervin Oskouei, Mr. Christopher Leerssen
2nd Class to 1st Class Mr. Bill Jordan, Mr. Tom Johnson
1st Class to Star Dr. John Cobb, Mr. Rick Groff
Star to Life Mr. Henry Quillian, Mr. Wirt Jones, Mr. Rudy Tarrer
Life to Eagle Dr. Bobby Krupczak, Mr. Perry Flinn
Camping Program Mr. Bill Eidson, Dr. Bobby Krupczak
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Ian R., Henry R.

Adult leadership training requirements can be found here.

Youth Leadership 2020-2021

Senior Patrol Leader Chase H.
Assistant SPL Will Y., Will J., George W., James R.
Cobra PL McGuire H.
Moose PL Noah O.
Rock PL Trevor R.
Wolverine PL Robert K.
Cyclone PL Mason Y.
Stealth PL Thej K.
Chaplain Aide Louie G.
Quartermaster Hynes H.
Den Chief (open)
Instructor (open)
Librarian (open)
Scribe Dylan S.
Troop Guide Braden G.
OA Rep (open)
Historian (open)