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From your Troop Committee Chairman


Super Troop 197 is glad you are here! We are a medium sized Boy Scout troop serving the Phoenix District. Super Troop 197 has been sponsored by the Westminster Schools since 1990, with its Cub Pack established in 1987. We have Scouts from different schools, faiths, and backgrounds. We are very active in local and citywide services and activities. Our outdoor program is unsurpassed in both skill and fun. Our programs always include extended summer camping, high adventure treks, and monthly outdoor activities.

Super Troop Scouts are highly visible leaders in the Atlanta Area with local community service projects for areas of true need. This legacy is proudly preserved in the example set by our burgeoning number of Eagle Scouts.

Being a Super Scout is an honor and a privilege which should not be taken for granted. Things don't just happen. Trite but true, what we get out of our program depends on what we put into it. Every Scout in our troop is proud to be here and does his part to help keep our troop Super. We want you here because you want to be here (not because someone else thinks it's a good idea).

There are several other good troops in our area, but rest assured there is only one Super Troop!

Thank you for choosing to be actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America.

John Campbell