Adult Volunteer Camping Guidelines

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Adult Campout Participant Guidelines

Camping is one of the eight methods of Scouting and Troop 197 prides itself on its strong outdoor program. Our campouts and camping activities are chosen for their mix of adventure, outdoor skills training, advancement opportunity, and just plain fun! Camping gives the Scouts opportunities to practice the skills they have learned at meetings while building self-esteem, confidence, life skills. And, camping is fun! Parents attending our campouts are crucial to the success of our program. They should:

  1. Take YPT.
  2. Parents attend campouts to make the Scouts successful, not to get away for the weekend.
  3. Ensure health and safety of all participating Scouts by helping supervise during all facets of the campout.
  4. Be a role model of Scout spirit, Scout oath, and Scout law.
  5. Help ensure that Troop policies and camping procedures and policies are followed (e.g. no electronics, no soda, etc.)
  6. Camp with skunk patrol.
  7. Drive to/from the campout.
  8. Participate in the campout activity where appropriate and stay engaged with the Troop.
  9. Take pictures!