Camp Card Policies

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What are Camp Cards?

The Atlanta Area Council (AAC) Camp Card sale is one of the best - and easiest - ways for Scouts to earn their way to summer camp, high adventure camp, or day camp. A Camp Card is a $5 discount card with deals at top community partners like Waffle House, Publix, and Dick's Sporting Goods. Its low price point and amazing deals make it an easy way for Scouts sell cards to earn money for their activities. Troops earn a full 50% commission on all cards they sell.

Troop 197’s Rights and Responsibilities in the Camp Card Program

The AAC delegates the management of our troop’s camp card program to Troop 197. The AAC grants camp cards to T197 in exchange for T197’s acceptance of the sole liability to:

  1. return unused cards,
  2. return 50% of the proceeds from sold cards
  3. pay for any lost cards, and
  4. to pay for the camp-related fees for the participating scout up to 50% of the proceeds for T197. (Note: T197 elects to keep the first $100 of each scout’s proceeds as well as any remaining balance of the Scout’s allocation to supplement the troop budget).

Given the grant of the cards to 197 along with the associated sole liabilities, the cards and the proceeds from the sale of the cards are therefore the sole property of T197 during the camp card process. Since the T197 owns the proceeds, it's T197’s sole right and responsibility to disburse camp card funds directly to the AAC and to the BSA organization responsible for a camp.

As the parents of scouts, we are all responsible for returning all cards or their equivalent proceeds to the troop. Submission of receipts in lieu of funds will not be accepted. Additional camp card distributions to families will be suspended until all proceeds are returned to the troop from their outstanding card allocation. Furthermore, parents will be billed for any deficit at the end of each year’s card programs.