Patrol Advisor

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Patrol Advisor

Association with adults is one of the eight methods of Scouting. Thus, a patrol advisor is an important volunteer role in the Troop because it increases the opportunity for that interaction at the patrol level.

The patrol advisor is an adult volunteer whose primary focus is on a specific patrol. He/she helps the patrol leadership (PL, APL, TG, and CA) to accomplish their mission of running an effective patrol.

Patrol advisors do the following:

  1. Take YPT.
  2. Be a role model of Scout spirit, Scout oath, and Scout law.
  3. Ensure that patrol activities are safe and follow Scouting principels
  4. Help and coach (by leading from behind) the patrol leadership fulfill and succeed in their duties and responsibilities.
  5. Get to know the members of the patrol and help and encourage their advancement.
  6. Help ensure that TG conducts two advancement reviews per semester with each Scout in their patrol.
  7. Ensure that Patrol activities and camp prep are successfully completed.
  8. Review advancement with one Scout per meeting with goal of meeting with each Scout once per school year.

The patrol advisor need not be a uniformed (assistant) Scoutmaster.

We would like two patrol advisors assigned to each patrol.