Patrol Gear List

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Patrols must bring all related cooking gear and supplies -- 2 or more mitts, lots of charcoal, lots of aluminum foil, skewers, pam/oil/spray, excellent menus and cooking directions, cooking utensils, etc.

  • large water container ( 5 gallon)
  • 1 large 9 x 12 tarp [you will need to have a blue tarp high over your charcoal area, if it looks like rain]
  • small tents (1 per 2 scouts)
  • food (Saturday breakfast and a full Sat. dinner & Sunday breakfast) & preparation items & condiments -- remember salt, pepper, butter, hot sauce, and stuff like that!)
  • lantern
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • 1 large pot for cleanup (and soap and sponges to clean personal utensils)
  • 100 ft. of light rope or light parachute cord
  • 3 large trash bags
  • 1 pot grabber, hot pot tongs
  • Liquid biodegradable soap and scouring pads for dishwashing
  • Assorted resealable bags for storage and garbage (which must be packed out)
  • Small plastic backpacking trowel
  • Water purification tablets
  • Backpacking stove (1 per 4 scouts) and fuel
  • Patrols should each have a bear bag if backpacking

All Patrol Leaders contact your Patrol members to make sure all assignments are covered

As always, even if you are on car-camping campout , make sure your gear is packed in a backpack (except new scouts that don't have one yet, although you will need one by next fall). This will help you leave stuff at home, that you don't need.