Patrol Leader Responsibilities

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Patrol Leaders are responsible for all facets patrol operations. They are in essence, running a small Scout Troop.

  • Choose your patrol Troop Guide, Quartermaster, Chaplain Aid and report to Scoutmaster.
  • Choose one or two APLs that can fill in for you if your are absent.
  • Hold weekly patrol meetings, take attendance and report to Scoutmaster.
  • Attend monthly PLC meetings.
  • PL is responsible for all facets of the patrol operation.
  • Lead monthly camp prep meeting regardless of whether you are camping or not.
  • Make sure there is a campout patrol leader for your patrol.
  • Plan and hold a monthly patrol 30-minute activity to be held during patrol meeting.
  • Oversee and manage patrol Troop Guide to ensure that advancement is occurring.
  • Maintain 75% attendance at Troop activities and events.
  • Build Troop identity. Obviously, you should know the names of everyone in your patrol.
  • Wear your uniform and set an example for your patrol members.
  • Organize a patrol activity, outside of normal Troop meetings and campouts, once per semester.