Quartermaster Responsibilities

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Head Quartermaster Responsibilities

  • Head quartermaster is responsible for all facets of Troop gear and supply maintenance.
  • Oversee and manage Patrol Quartermasters.
  • Meet monthly with Patrol Quartermasters.
  • Collect monthly patrol supply lists and procure needed supplies; restock basement storage room and Troop trailer.
  • Oversee and manage Troop patrol boxes.
  • Oversee Troop trailer.
  • Maintain 75% attendance at activities and events.
  • Appoint an acting Quartermaster for each campout.
  • Attend monthly PLC meetings.
  • Work with Scoutmaster and PLC to specify and procure new items.
  • Prepare possible budget for camping supplies, gear, etc.

Patrol Quartermaster Responsibilities

  • Maintain Troop patrol box.
  • Track patrol supplies and submit monthly list of needed supplies to Head Quartermaster.
  • At each camp prep, check status of patrol box and re-stock supplies if necessary.
  • Maintain 50% attendance at activities and events.
  • Make sure all patrol members have proper patches and insignia